FullSizeRender (1)‘Twas the last day of school, when all through the ‘hood

The kids were so thrilled, this year had been good.

The teachers were all taking long cleansing breaths.

So proud they survived without any deaths.


The parents were planning celebrations of fun,

Dreaming of days spent lounging ‘round in the sun.

With doors all swung open for friends in and out,

Families were laughing and playing about.


When into the room rushed a small painted child,

The look on mom’s face was no longer all smiles.

Before explanations we all rushed up the stairs,

Our fears were confirmed with looks of despair.


The late golden light glistened bright through the blinds,

To illuminate the scene where moms lost their minds.

Stunned to witness such a harrowing site,

Covering the carpet and walls was a fright.


Paint bottles and markers were scattered about,

Each color of the rainbow, none were left out.

Our house was the canvas for their work of art,

But from those crazy boys, I would prefer farts.


The suspects were whisked straight to the bath,

While I caught my breath and just had to laugh.

Snap a quick picture to share with friends later,

This is too rich to react like a hater.


We lectured the boys and cleaned off their bodies,

And joked that we might need some hot toddies.

Later that night the adults reconvened,

To test out the old carpet cleaning machine.


The walls got fresh paint and cleaned up like new,

For the carpet, however, there’s more to do.

We’ll call it a night and a raging success,

Because no child was harmed, despite the mess.


We now have a story we’ll remember for years,

By then the laughter will have replaced the tears.

A growing experience for young and old,

I cannot wait to hear how this is retold.


Summer has no doubt started off with a bang,

From now on we will keep our eyes on this gang.

Surely it can only get better – no fear,

Welcome summertime, I am so glad you’re here!

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