Hi, I’m Amber

As a recovering people-pleaser and achiever, I once thought my highest priority in life was to keep all the plates spinning.

Until they came crashing down in 2019. 

I realized I had been rushing around without a clear purpose just to check things off a list that other people dictated for me. The result of that season was struggling relationships, feelings of insignificance, and a longing for more.

When I began picking up the pieces, I found that I didn’t even recognize myself. I was exhausted, frustrated, and facing burnout. I knew things had to change. 

So I quit, almost everything, and hit restart. (Pro Tip: this is not ideal) 

The rebuilding process has taken more rest, trust, and faith than I could ever muster on my own. I needed help to know myself, focus on what mattered most and lead in a more vulnerable and sustainable way. 

The good news is – if you’ve ever felt stuck and exhausted – you are not alone! 

It is possible to live a more integrated life and find the meaning you have longed for, before the burnout sets in. My hope is that you understand your value and purpose to bring flourishing to your places and people every day. 

Amber lives near Dallas with her husband Brandon and three kids.

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