Here are two fun summer games you can play in your backyard. The kiddos are guaranteed to have a ball while you cool off inside on the porch with a drink in your hand (wink, wink).

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Marble Toes

What you’ll need:  Cheap plastic baby pools, plenty of marbles (all sizes), Frisbees and buckets (to turn upside down for stools).  Depending on the size of your crew, you can have one station per player or have them play in teams and do multiple rounds.

How to play: Each player/team tries to move the most marbles from the pool (full of water) to the Frisbee (on dry ground), using only their toes. We have them sit on the bucket and put one foot in the pool and keep the other foot on the Frisbee to make sure it doesn’t slide. Each round is timed (30-60 seconds). Marbles are worth 1 point, or you can make different sizes worth different amounts of points. It’s totally up to you and however crazy you’re feeling that day!

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Drip, Drip, Drench!

What you’ll need: Water balloons and a water gun.

How to play: Have the kids sit in a circle on the grass. Each player has 1 water balloon. One player has a water gun and they walk around the circle, saying “drip, drip, drip…” until they choose another player to “drench” with the water gun. Once drenched, that player jumps up to chase them around the circle. If they can hit them with the water balloon before getting back to the empty spot, they’re out. Think Duck, Duck, Goose!


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