This year marked the 7th annual “Bid Daddy Gene and Nana K Summer Camp” at Lake LBJ. Every summer mom’s side of the family gathers for a long weekend¬†together, complete with themed activities for the kids, yummy food and even better conversation. We seem to grow by a few each year. Last week the crew included the original Nana, her three daughters, 8 grand kids (plus spouses) and 19 great grand kids. It was awesome!

Of course, Nana has a theme for each year’s activities. This year was all things DINOSAURS. We made Paper Plate Dinos and our own Fossils. ¬†She made little flip books for the kids and took them animal tracking around the neighborhood. They found coyote, rabbit, deer and wild hog tracks and also learned the definition of “scat”. I’m sure that was Big’s contribution.

Besides the themed fun, there were plenty of good ol’ fashioned lake activities being enjoyed as well. We skied, surfed, tubed, swam, fished….the list goes on. The littles had a blast playing Marble Toes and Duck, Duck, Drench too.

We look forward to Summer Camp all year long, can’t wait for 2017!

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